Sunday Living History Interview – Papago Park POW camp Arizona by Joelle LeGendre

Thanks, Sally, for doing such a wonderful job showcasing my mother’s pictures and articles about “The great escape.” 🙂

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Living History

My guest today is author Joelle LeGendre and when I was updating her bio for today’s post I was so entertained that I thought I would share it with you unabridged.


Joelle LeGendre was born mooning the world in the depths of the 20th century.


Her mother nearly died twice during labor when Joelle showed her…uh, derriere, and the cardiologist who delivered her had a mild heart attack after the grueling ordeal.

“No child who experiences that kind of birth is normal,” Joelle laughs. “I’m well-endowed with the multi-layered weirdness of a not-quite-right-mind.”

Since birth, Joelle has viewed the world through her own rose colored filter of dyslexia, Tourette’s syndrome, insomnia, almost-blindness and ‘ain’t quite right’.

When asked to define her life, Joelle said, “I can’t NOT write. It’s worse than opium, alcohol, cigarettes and crack. I MUST have my writing fix each and every day whether it’s writing…

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