Why sex is like a house

I’m reblogging my contribution this month to the Nudge-Wink Report.

Enjoy. 🙂

nudge. wink. report.

It’s Tuesday, February 23, one day away from my monthly report!   I stare at the calendar and scream out “GAH!” as if my cat just stuck his claws in my neck and started kneading.

jantoo From:  Jantoo.com

It reminded me of this guy I once knew who thought that choking made orgasms better.

No, I’m not going to go into more detail.

Speaking of sex, I’ve watched a few Outlander series segments, and a Marco Polo, finding that I’d rather use the sex scenes to make hot tea, prepare a snack or go to the bathroom than watch someone simulating sex. 

If I want to observe something copulate,  I’ll go to a ranch during mating season.  It’s the same old bull, and the movements aren’t that much different.

Whether the guy can get it up for the camera or not, watching someone have sex on my monitor is like taking a vacation by watching a Nat Geo…

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