The Funny Stuff of Life

Another quick post.

The "stuff" of life.

The “stuff” of life.

My muse for the day is Amanda (

I have several favorite people.  Among them are my sister, my children, my sister-in-law and (in alphabetical order) bloggers like Tom, Sally, Marc, Margie, Laine, Chris and Amanda.  

Y’all know who you are.

There are so many favorites  that if I listed everyone this post might be mistaken for a site where writers can find names for their victims characters.

On Saturday, Chris posted an author interview about me. Amanda replied, “Great interview, pure Joelle, always interesting, funny and makes you want to read more.”

That, of course, merited an answer:

“Funny” is what cuts through the insanity we call life. Hope to have book 2 ready by the time I leave California.

Amanda replied, “Wow that’s fantastic news! Way to go!”

So this morning I awoke to hear my sister coughing.  She’s had allergies for the past week.

She’s my only sibling and nothing is as important to me as keeping her alive.  

You’ve heard the joke before:  “No one is allowed to kill my brother but me.”  

The joke between us is a bit different.  “I’m the one who has to die first so you’ll be forced to go through my house and deal with the probate.”

I’m hoping that threat will keep us both alive until our brains are fried and we don’t know enough to care about “stuff.”

My sister’s allergies seem to be going to her chest. At this point, I don’t care that I’m 2 days behind schedule. I care that my sister seems to be getting worse.

Nothing is allowed to kill my sister but me, and you know exactly why that isn’t going to happen. I won’t have the satisfaction of torture by nagging her to edit book 3.

So, in answer to Amanda’s reply, I wrote:

“Funny” is what makes life bearable when life decides to grow teeth and inject a load of reality venom when it bites you in the butt. 

Funny how quickly your priorities can change.