Feeling a bit silly and cross-eyed today.  The left temple of my regular glasses broke in half and black plastic dust filtered into my ear and stuck to my fingers.  It’s not like I didn’t have a whole lot of warning.  Both temples were taped together, lens to tip,’ months ago.
Here’s a really, really bad poem that tells you exactly how I feel about glasses:
 The bane of my existence
(the reason I’m not dead)  
no matter how I put them on
they’re slipping off my head.
With lenses thick as bottles,
(the frames were built for cars)
my nose is bearing witness
to relentless battle scars.
T’was once a thing of beauty,
my perfect Irish nose 
now looks like it’s been beaten
with a 2 inch rubber hose.
If I could live without wearing glasses, Id do it just to stop torturing my nose.