midlife crisis


It’s hard to do self-reflection when you’re using a laptop, as I prefer to do it in total darkness.  The screen just won’t shut up!  It glares at you, screaming colors like some fairy God mother in tights and hot pants throwing pixel dust all over the place.  

 A coach, a fancy dress and a prince are the last things I’d want–IF I had a fairy God mother.   I’d wish for perpetually free editing and marketing for my book series — or better yet a publisher that does all that.

But I have to be considerate.  I don’t want to send anyone to a mental health facility before their time.

Speaking of crazy things happening;  Yesterday I met a woman just like me (a whole lot of years ago).  I think it’s safe to say that if we see each other again, it’ll be too soon. 

I was 40 when I entered the dark realm of the mid-life crisis.  She waited till she was in her late 50’s, and it isn’t pretty.   Fortunately, I still had a full head of brown hair, and makeup didn’t cling to my face like a well-aimed oatmeal pie.

There are some things that can’t be corrected with hair dye, Botox, and plastic surgery; like the *old* that shines from a person’s eyeballs.  

Men buy fast cars and motorcycles in a mid-life crisis.  I acquired a husband 17 years younger.   That’s when I discovered a painful truth: The world’s greatest sex doesn’t compensate for a comfortable relationship and intelligent conversation.

But alas, I digress.  Back to Ms. Midlife Crisis:   Trust me on this one, I don’t want to be anywhere near that train wreck when it falls off the track into a ravine. 


No new year’s resolutions, but if you send me an Ethel M dark chocolate caramel for every resolution I’ve broken,  I’ll have candy that will last me a lifetime.   It may require purchasing a freezer to store it in, but we all have to make sacrifices for the greater delicious good.