Giving Thanks that I’m still alive to complain

I’d like to blame dyslexia and lousy depth perception for my lack of self-discipline when it comes to chocolate, but I can’t think of a viable way to do it.   So…

I’m replacing worthless New Years resolutions with something far less humiliating.  

As the year closes in on me, I’d like to give thanks.  Yes, yes, I know; that’s supposed to happen at Thanksgiving.  Tough stuff…live with it.  


                   Is it bath time? Already?

 I’m thankful that:

  1. ...I’m  only not-quite-right.
  2. …I have 2 arms, 2 legs and once I can walk on this sprained ankle better, my feet might be useful.
  3. …when I run into door jambs, people, or floors I don’t bruise as easily as my victims.  
  4. ...Wordpress gave me the links to an older version so I could create posts without migraines.  The newer version (with light blue background and medium blue littering lettering), is hard for someone with visual or processing problems to see–and don’t get me started on a diatribe about entering tags. I’m thankful that WordPress provided  a link to an old version that should never have been “improved” in the first place.
  5. …my 10 year old cellphone still works during the rare occasions it’s turned on.
  6. I have 4 dogs who hate baths so much that I have to carry 2 of the 50 pound mutts into the bathroom.  I call all that lifting, tugging, pulling and washing my weekly exercise regimen.
  7. …I have a sister who is an editing genius, and equally grateful to be blessed with the OCD to nag her until she does it.
  8. …all y’all like reading the word lava of a not-quite-right mind.  Without you, life would be oh-so-dull.
  9. … I have gastroparesis and have to drink tea with honey and eat tiny meals, otherwise I couldn’t fit into bed with this…bedhogs 3
  10. …I live in a dog house instead of a hut.  The cats, however, aren’t so sure they’re thankful.


MY NEW YEARS WISH FOR YOU:  May the fondest dream of your 4-footed companions come true and it rains so hard for weeks that no one can assault their ears with fireworks.

If I missed anything I should be thankful for, feel free to tell me all about it.