desert mountain

Looking out at the weather tortured light beige and burnt-orange mountain range looming over the valley, it’s hard to believe that yesterday the area was covered in low, hematite-gray clouds.  

hematite necklace


Personally, I’d prefer a hematite necklace — if I could wear jewelry — just as heavy but a lot prettier. 

At first, the clouds settled over the mountain tops, gathering, growing, roiling as they dumped snow across the mountain range and then…then the mass of ugliness slithered over my sister’s house and into the valley.

Mist sprayed the porch in the late afternoon until a light drizzle began after sunset.  Rain fell during the darkness, leaving a patch of ice on the front walkway to shine at me in the moonlight.

I could swear on my 10 year old laptop computer that it was saying, “You ain’t in Florida, honey.  Live with it.”

desert rain

Speaking of dark clouds looming overhead…

Intense editing seems to be going well.  My sister hasn’t let the grass grow under her feet.  I hold up my end of the bargain (doing the cooking & dishes) and she edits.    

Lots of changes to book 2 this week.

She insists on doing an outline.  So far, I see bunches of lines and slender black rectangles inside them (entities that most people would call “words”).  I don’t know what the words say, but I know what they mean.

1 rectangle = 30 minutes of work.