Well…I’m sitting here at the desk in the my sister’s guest room looking out at the mountains.  I don’t have any new pictures yet, so I’ll attach a picture from my last visit to remind you of the view:

mountain view

I left for the airport December 23 at noon  for the 1 hour drive.  The amount of turbulence on the plane seemed minimal to me, but it was evident when the pilot was landing in Salt Lake City that we were experiencing a bit of wind sheer as the wings bounced up and down a bit until the plane was on the ground, and then it felt the way a car feels when you’re going over a bridge in a strong wind.

After changing planes twice, I arrived in California at 3:30am Eastern time, 12:30am Pacific.  My sister had to drive an hour back home from the airport and we arrived in her driveway at 2am (Pacific).  It reminded me of the all-nighters I used to pull in college.  Between the time change and the all-nighter, the next few days were a bit rough.

Remember.  I went from this:


To This:


In one day.  

As strange as it may sound, I swear on my laptop computer that this is true.  I’m allergic to extreme weather changes.  

I didn’t know how lucky I was to get to California an hour late.  Some people who were traveling on December 24 faced flight cancellations and major delays.  The irony of it is that traveling on December 23 was cheaper than traveling on December 24, and yet the people who traveled a day later hit the worst weather and experienced the worst travel.

Speaking of irony.  I’m usually the one who is nagging my sister to start writing.  While I’ve been sleeping off my all-nighter and acclimating to the change from warm, humid weather to dry, cold weather my sister has been diligently working on editing.

That’s the best Christmas present she could give me.