Off on the wrong foot

After being one of the 11.5%* who “won”during NaNoWriMo by obsessively finishing the draft of a novel over 50,000 words in November,  a mild case of the “sick” hit me in early December that lasted over 2 weeks.  

Recently, I discovered why my left ankle had been hurting for well over a month.  Sometime in November or early December, I sprained it.

I wasn’t in Yoga class, since I didn’t want to spread whatever was causing the massive headache, muscle, and joint pain that accompanied whatever had infected my body.  

Though I can’t pin down exactly how it happened, I have my suspicions.  The 68 pound Fat White Dog likes to throw her mid-section over my ankles to sleep.   I’ve awakened more than once, from the resulting leg cramps, to a dog whose hurt-puppy brown eyes ask me, “Why are you being so mean?”

It’s not like I took the perpetual food bowl away, the greatest sin of all to the Fat White Dog.  I’d simply moved my legs out from under her.


Fat White Dog ready to pounce

On top of all that, my brain is waging a revolution, citing all the overtime I forced it to endure in November.  It insists on taking a break.

I couldn’t write a poem at this moment if my ankles depended upon it.

Soooo…  I’ll do something unoriginal.  I’ll take this opportunity to wish each an every one of y’all a

MERRY (fill in the blank)


If I’m starting off the new year on the wrong foot, I have a good excuse.

* I received an email from NaNoWriMo that said, “351,489 people attempted to write a novel in 30 days, and 40,301 of you wrote 50,000 words or more!”  Good grief!  That’s the size of a small city!