NaNoWriMo day 6: Eye(s) Sore


Crest shamelessly Borrowed from the NaNoWriMo website.

Update on NaNoWriMo:  

16,894 words, 5 hours a day(not all at once–and only an estimate) for 6 days @ 50 – 90 wpm typing speed.

I can’t vouch for the quality,  just the quantity.   All I can tell you is that I was up at 2am with another idea to edit/add to the story. Again.

Two of the things taking a couple hours of research over the past few days:  

  • 1908 trucks  (Europe had the best).
  • What a stateroom on a luxury liner looked like in 1908. (this required help from people in the NaNoWriMo forum.  My deepest thanks!).

I just posted something along these lines to Twitter (but only in 140 words):  My eyes and my fingers are rebelling.  It’s time to take a step back, put a cold/wet washcloth over the eyes and forget about the daily badge.

Something tells me the OCD that seems to inhabit my fingers isn’t going to let me rest.