Highlighter Anxiety


The things one writes about on Facebook at 3am:

Ever had one of those days when your eyes pop open at 3am and you’re thinking, “I shouldn’t have used so much yellow highlighter on that sentence! I’ll be fired for sure!!!” Then you wake up and realize that…”hey! I haven’t killed 3 million people, started a war, or destroyed a country.”

I’ve heard of high anxiety, but highlighter anxiety? If I have to, I can just go into the office, remove all that yellow off the computer copy, and do a reprint. It’s that simple. The world isn’t going to crumble into a bundle of boulders because I overdid it with the highlighter. It just feels that way when I’m half asleep.

Talk about the irony of it all. The people who should be worried about starting wars and destroying countries, wake up saying, “Why did I choose Hawaii for this vacation? Their golf course sucks.”