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As I sit here sucking on an organic peppermint candy to settle my stomach, my mind wanders into a world of not-quite-right questions.

You know what I mean–those questions that make everyone else ask, “Where the hell did you come up with that one?”

  1. Why does it seem that the more money we give to find a cure for a disease the less likely it is that a cure will be found?
  2. I just finished laughing at a poster that says Obama is going to have our deficit down to zero before leaving office.  In fact, I did a little research into my bank account and no matter how much I juggle the funds,  I still can’t afford to buy a 10 million dollar home on an annual income of under $20,000.  Why do people believe posters with ridiculous statements but vilify well-researched facts?
  3. How do cats walk across your keyboard just as you’re trying to save a document (and make it disappear), manage to find the right key to step on (that screws up your entire computer), or have perfect aim when dumping your mail in the crack between your desk and a filing cabinet– but they can’t seem to keep their food in a bowl while eating it?
  4. eatingsloppy

    Are cats psychic?

  5. Why do dogs have to wait until the moment you’ve snuggled into a freshly changed bed before running out the doggie door to roll in something dead?
  6. Dingo knows

    Even if he smelled like a manure pile in the middle of summer, how could you NOT love this puppy?

  7. Is the plural of mensa, menses?  Why does it have to start with “men”?   Can’t a whole bunch of geniuses come up with a better name than that?  
  8. Is there such a thing as borderline genius disorder? 

Please feel free to add to this ever-growing list of questions.