Lazy Daze

I’m feeling lazy today, and in a daze from lack of sleep.  Therefore, this is a lazy post.

Twitter is so hard to deal with.  I love to write and 140 characters just isn’t enough to express the humor of life.

Or is it?

You decide

  • Dog jumped on my sis&broke her arm. She drove to the hospital&home. I’m astounded! Should write a bk called “50 shades of craze.”
  • I’m told that success finding a job is 95% who u know & 5% what u know. Same thing w/marketing a book: 95% who u know.
  • Today, even my fingers are dyslexic. Twitter is NOT spelled wetter or retwitt. Best thing to do is to go to sleep.
  • When I the r positioned round my desk like conestoga wagons circling a fire, snoring their contentment.

Lazy person’s photo of conestoga dogs

  • & & finding I’m my own best therapist. I just need a dark room, a computer, & an imagination.
  • A$$holes aren’t always human. Some days it just doesn’t pay 2 have 4 arms & an attitude
  • . with my writing partner. A of people, he’s a muse who likes 2 stay n the shadows & make me smile.
Writing in the dark with my guide cat.

Writing in the dark with my guide cat.

  • It’s the usual 3am writing hr. Not happy! Book 5(draft) n the series needs slice-n-dice surgery
  • Is insomnia a type of meditation&3am the hite of imagination? Or is it more like 2 drunks trying 2 discuss philosophy?
  • Yes, I’m dyslexic. Yes, I’m 1/2 blind, light sensitive & have Tourettes, but I guarantee you’ll find no writer 2b perfect/normal.
  • again. Cars are fixed, well is back on-line & the new washer will be delivered this week. Murphy’s Law, please take a break!
  • Dissecting Poetry? Not my style. I blindly follow my emotions.
  • & so entrenched n I missed the fact that a friend died n 2012. It explains y she stopped sending Christmas cards.