Random Crazy Thoughts–part 2

I’m dubbing this NAME THAT CRAZY week. It’s all about the insanities we think as normal in our culture and other people think is normal in theirs. Write the cutural crazies you can think of in the reply section. I’m going to compile them all together and create a blog post out of it with a link to your blog site. Don’t be shy. Let it all out. I guarantee you won’t be called crazy–by me.

Two on a Rant

Image Some people would call this crazy
I called it fun to jump off a cliff strapped to a cute French Guy

For those not painfully aware that my mind isn’t quite right, I wrote a blog on June 28 called Random Crazy Thoughts, wandering into the realm of alternative thinking regarding the bible of psychiatric diagnosis, the DSM IV.

What if it were written by a person with schizophrenia or borderline personality disorder, or bi-polar disorder or…well… pick one?  Would “Normal” be called Bland Personality Disorder?  Or how about calling it Monotonous Affective Disorder?

I was going to create a definition of

  • Non-Histrionic personality disorder–those people who can’t tell a story without putting you to sleep and can’t get a second date because they’re so boring.

Instead, I’m writing part 2 today and part 3 tomorrow because the DSM IV is gone and the DSM V is out there. Literally. …

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