An Overblown 1st World Problem

coon cat desk hog 2

I’m sitting in my home office, it’s 11:00 pm and the page isn’t typing itself.  I open my eyes to find Coon Cat staring at me.

He’s stretching across the table between the keyboard and me.  Now, he’s playing a game of “sniff the fingers.”   Oh S#!t!  They smell like the kitty treats I gave him!



It was best to wash my hands before I tried to continue typing.  Do you have any idea what blood does when it drips into the keyboard?

The bleeding has stopped, the bandage is securely fastened and…well…I’d be ready to type if it weren’t for the fact that band-aids are so bulky and my finger f#&@ing HURTS!

Since Coon Cat is peacefully sleeping on the pile of mail I was going to read, it’s best to wait until the sleep fairy of Ibuprofen takes effect so that I can sleep, too.

How can something that destructive manage to look so cute?