Poetry War – Step Into The Future

What is my dream? No, really…What is my dream? Through my life I’ve always had many goals in sight – from daily goals to lifetime goals: Share life, the universe and everything with my love. Get the hay loaded into the barn and feed the animals. Breed the best horse…watch the best foal cavort around the … Continue reading

Becoming a writer

I think I’m finally able to say without a single doubt that I’m a writer. Last night, my fingers flew across the keyboard until 3:30am. They wouldn’t stop writing and the chapters just kept coming. I’m writing a series of books which started with Atto Run.  The book that kept me up most of the … Continue reading

Poetry War – The American Dream

When I was young my parents worked hard to build a home, improve their situation, provide a place for us, and ‘get ahead’. As I grew up I watched them adding rooms to the house, buying a newer car, going on vacations. In between doing these things Dad worked at a job he didn’t like … Continue reading